How to Jailbreak iPhone 3G (using QuickPwn)

Many thanks regards to mas Gege (mac user) who the owner of the Bumbu Pawon Resto, Yogyakarta, that teach me how to jailbreak the 3G iPhone. Many thanks regards to mas Firman too, the man who introduce me with mas Gege. Mas Firman is one of the Emax Store’s labour @ Ambarukmo Plaza.

Ok,let’s do the jailbreak!!:)

1.First, You need to prepare Your iPhone and Your Mac/PC. Then, You need internet connection too.

2.Upgrade the iPhone firmware. You need to use iTunes for doing this. Get the latest iTunes, then upgrade to latest firmware (version 2.1) [iphone 3G default firmware is version 2.0]

**it takes 5-10 minutes.

3.Then, jailbreak process is begin. You need to download and install QuickPwn. Then do the jailbreak using QuickPwn.

**it takes 20-30 minutes.
4.The Jailbreak was done!

[1]Q:Why we must upgrade the firmware first?
A:Because we want the latest firmware run in our iPhone.
[2]Q:Is it legal?
A:…hmm,I don’t know exacly wheter it is legal or not:) but, many advantages you’ll get with Your iPhone after it’s being Jailbroken.

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