How to Install GlassFish Application Server on Windows XP

  1. First, you must have Java SDK installed on your Windows XP.
    (About Java SDK installation, In Indonesia Version, you can go here).
  2. Download the latest GlassFish Application Server from
    It’s about 60-70MB file size.
  3. After finish, you’ve got file called (for example) glassfish-installer-v2ur2-b04.jar
  4. Move file glassfish-installer-v2ur2-b04.jar to C:\
  5. Open the CMD prompt. Start–>Run..–>(type) cmd
    Something like this:
  6. cmd-awal

  7. execute glasshfish file. First, in CMD prompt, go to C:\then type:
    java -Xmx256m -jar glassfish-installer-v2ur2-b04.jar
  8. cmd-install-jar

  9. Then soon will arrive window about glassfish licence.Scroll down, then click accept. Check the enable autoupdate is not wrong.
  10. gf-license

  11. Installation process begin….
  12. Installation finish after arise sentence “installation complete
    on CMD window.
  13. cmd-instalsi-finish

  14. then, you have new directory, called “glashfish”
  15. Is the instalation is finish? The answer is NOT YET.
    We must activate the setup.xml in the glassfish directory
    We use “ant” for build it.
  16. In the CMD, go to C:\glassfish\
    (In this tutorial, I assume that my pc was installed ant before)
    (If your pc is not yet, ant will found in glassfish directory,
    in C:\glassfish\lib\ant\bin)
  17. then, in th CMD type:
    ant -f setup.xml

    then hit enter


  18. … setup.xml is begin. Wait for seconds…
  19. If you Windows Security Alert arise, just click Unblock 🙂
  20. pic-unblock

  21. Wait until build process is finish.
    When build process is finish, it will be arise sentence something like:
    Total time: 40 seconds
    (depend on your pc’s velocity)
  22. Now glassfish application server is well installed:)
  23. Wanna check?…OK let’s check our new server:)
  24. Go to C:\glassfish\bin
    Then type:

    asadmin start-domain domain1

    wait for seconds..

  25. Open your browser, type:
  26. sukses1crop

  27. Installation complete!!! 🙂


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9 responses to “How to Install GlassFish Application Server on Windows XP

  1. abbbb

    in step no 13, make sure you go to directory under glassfish\lib\ant\bin then type the command ant -f c:\glassfish\setup.xml

    (give it the full path where the setup.xml resides)

  2. @abbbb
    yes….that’s right. When I was doing it, it was ant preinstalled before.
    So, it’s trus that step 13 should be:
    ant -f c:\glassfish\setup.xml

    thanks for correction.

  3. great tutor om..tengkyu!

  4. Jinesh

    Thanks a lot !

  5. @Jinesh
    you’re welcome…

  6. wah.. ini sangat berguna bagi ane.. trims sanget

  7. sdfsdgds

    Thanks a lot

  8. Great delivery. Solid arguments. Keep up the good work.

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