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Installing Flash Plugin on Firefox 3 (fedora)

Firefox 3 beta 5 that included 1 bundle with fedora 9 is not being installed automatically with Flash Plugin. So, if You gonna access some address that it’s has flash feature in it, You can’t access the flash. So we need to install flash plugin by ourself.
By the way, when I try to install Flash Plugin automatically from firefox, there was an error. Could not install this packages now. So I decide to download the plugin first, then install it afterthat.
We can find Flash Plugin with .rpm extension from here:

Then, after download, we can install it using command:

#rpm -ivh flash-plugin-

And now, now problem again to access some web with flash animated on it 🙂



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How to Install CHM Viewer (GnoCHM) in Fedora 9

Hi, CHM viewer is not default installed when we install fedora in our box. So we need to install it afterall. CHM Viewer is a software that can read file with the .CHM extension. Now we want to try install CHM viewer called gnochm. Ok, lets begin.
1 . I assume You have internet connection.
2. Go to terminal / your konsole.
3. By using yum command, do this command :

$su -c ‘yum -y install gnochm’

*taken from:

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Manual and Install Packet from Fedora DVD Repository

Recenly, I use fedora 9 for my main operation system. Many ebooks about fedora manual could we get from google or from free ebook portal (such as:,etc.). But now there are 2 links that I think it’s useful for learning and installing packet on fedora.

2. (indonesia version)

Maybe 2 links above useful for people who are being learn about fedora linux. Thanks.

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