How to Install GlassFish Application Server on Windows XP

  1. First, you must have Java SDK installed on your Windows XP.
    (About Java SDK installation, In Indonesia Version, you can go here).
  2. Download the latest GlassFish Application Server from
    It’s about 60-70MB file size.
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How to Install ANT in Windows XP

source: Instalasi ANT di Windows XP (Indonesia Version)

1.First,You must have JDK installed first.
2.Get the ANT for windows here:

choose latest version with zip package
3.After download ANT,extract zip package in (for example) C:\Ant

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Indosat 3G Broadband Setting GPRS

If You are one of person who are using Indosat Broadband 3.5G, this information maybe valuable to you for setting GPRS card on your mobile phone.

connection name:indosat3g
data bearer:Packet Data
prompt password:No
proxy server address:
proxy port number:8080


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How to Jailbreak iPhone 3G (using QuickPwn)

Many thanks regards to mas Gege (mac user) who the owner of the Bumbu Pawon Resto, Yogyakarta, that teach me how to jailbreak the 3G iPhone. Many thanks regards to mas Firman too, the man who introduce me with mas Gege. Mas Firman is one of the Emax Store’s labour @ Ambarukmo Plaza.

Ok,let’s do the jailbreak!!:)
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How to Install Huawei E220 Modem into Mac (Leopard)

Firstly, huawei e220 driver is not default installed on your mac.
So You need to install its driver first. Ok, let’s do it.

1.Find driver that support huawei e200 modem on Your mac.
download here:

2.After download,read the manual here:

3.You’ve got to do it all easy, right?:)


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Installing Flash Plugin on Firefox 3 (fedora)

Firefox 3 beta 5 that included 1 bundle with fedora 9 is not being installed automatically with Flash Plugin. So, if You gonna access some address that it’s has flash feature in it, You can’t access the flash. So we need to install flash plugin by ourself.
By the way, when I try to install Flash Plugin automatically from firefox, there was an error. Could not install this packages now. So I decide to download the plugin first, then install it afterthat.
We can find Flash Plugin with .rpm extension from here:

Then, after download, we can install it using command:

#rpm -ivh flash-plugin-

And now, now problem again to access some web with flash animated on it 🙂


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How to Multiple Upload in Googlepages

Originally taken from:

Let’s begin:

1.You have a gmail account,and already setup some googlepages.
2.You have a firefox web browser.
3.Find “chrome” directory under Firefox Program Files

example: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\chrome

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